About Us


Founded in the year 1995, Adlink Advertising Agency is one of the top ad agencies in Kolkata, made up of innovative people from advertising, design, digital and media. We deliver ideas and ad solutions that help transform brands and grow businesses. For the last 25 years, we have served over thousands of satisfied clients. We have a good understanding of the investing company, financial markets and the tastes of the people and bring to the task the creative skills to deliver campaigns that attract people’s eyes. We provide our expertise and experience to hundreds of clients to help business grow.Today, as innovation moves across every boundary, Adlink continues to define the direction of the advertising business as a whole. We provide :
  • Private & Mini Bus Back Side Display
  • Glow Sign Board
  • ACP Board
  • Neon Sign Dealer Board
  • Frame Banner
  • Cut Out
  • Event
  • Silk Screen Printing

Our Clients